Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rhythmic Alphabeticals--Day After Yesterday

Eddy Arnold Jr. and dirtybird beats are Rhythmic Alphabeticals. Here is a glimpse into the studiophonic realm of Rhythmic Alphabeticals and Northcoast Underdog Productions. Rhythmic Alphabeticals are unique in the sense that both Eddy Arnold Jr. and dirtybird beats have radically different musical backgrounds.

Eddy Arnold Jr. is a classically trained musician, who earned a B.A. in Music at Humboldt State University. dirtybird beats, on the other hand, is a formally trained guitarist and drummer, who also, in recent years, has honed his skills as a Hip Hop beat-maker and producer. These two artists converge to create a cohesive and progressive sound that delicately walks the boundary between acoustic and electronic music. They are currently working on their debut LP, For Live Use, and are aiming at an early 2010 release.